Monday, August 17, 2009


I would like to make it clear - the blog author is not necessary sharing some points of view revealed by others even though they are published here...

"I have tried two products so far with amazing results. I have tried may products before yours by far is the best I have taken. I started with D-androbol little over a month and a half ago. I was weighing around 173lbs. After taking D-androbol I noticed big gains.

I now am weighing in at 200 lbs. I started out working with 60 lb dumbbells for flat bench and it seems within 3 to 4 weeks I was working out with 90 lbs. I have now just started taking Deca-diboldazol for a week now and the gains have been almost immediate. Within 48 hours of taking two tablets a day I now have moved from 90lb dumbbells to 100lbs getting at least 5-8 reps in on 3 sets. When I go around I can feel the strength throughout my body. I workout hard 6 times a week with one day off for cardio. I am eating more than normal.

Doing that and taking your products I have achieved amazing results. You guys are awesome and I have since recommended you guys to a few select individuals. Your shipping is quick as well. My friends are all saying I am on steroids because of the quick size I have gained in just two short months. D-androbol gave little over 20lbs of pure muscle in just little over a month and a half. I cannot wait to finish the Deca-diboldazol."

Elizabethtown, Kentucky

"I am a personal trainer with a varied client base. I had been searching for a product to aid in muscle definition, density and a way to accelerate fat loss. I found it in SA LABS Testanabol! After using Testanabol for one month I noticed excellent results. My diet had been less than clean over the holiday season and my body composition still was transformed. I am a leaner, more defined, densely muscled 43 year old. This product ROCKS. It seems as though more women have noticed me as of lately and I am very happy with the results I have gotten from just under 30 days of use of
this amazing product. Oh yes, I have been ready to F--- like an animal and incredible staying power I have been able to outlast a few women recently. I can't wait to get back to MY gym routine and really start getting this stuff pumping through my veins. I plan to check out more of your products so I can incorporate them into my recommendations to my clients along with their exercise programs I design for them. This is definitely a product I would recommend to my middle age clients to give their systems that kick in the ass needed to spark some fast results and increase motivation. Your products are the REAL DEAL. Thank you for a great product line."

ACSM - Certified Personal Trainer/Strength Conditioning Coach
Easthampton, Massachusetts


  1. Hey Shisha. Having read the Swimmer Body and, given the very short time in which you have been training, I'd say the results you are seeing are phenomenal. If you look closely at the sport of professional bodybuilding you'll notice these guys have been training for upwards of 20 years to ass roughly 100-140lbs of muscle to their frames. That is 5-7lbs of lean muscle per year, with the unlimited use of steroids, supplements, training facilities, diet, and free time (if they are sponsored).
    I have noticed that some people recommend that you take more steroids, but I would suggest you keep the dosage relatively small to start. Under normal circumstances, just beginning a training routine will kickstart your body's own testosterone, HGH, and thyroid production, so taking steroids may (slightly) inhibit that normal production. Just some food for thought.
    Also, don't worry about people who are displeased or antagonistic towards you for this documentary. Typically, the internet is an outlet for all those people who have severe self-esteem issues and lack the constitution to speak their mind when they are accountable for their words. I think this is an amazing way to follow in the footsteps of Myth Busters and Morgan Spurlock, in taking on old notions and proving a point about them.
    Good luck.

  2. I just started taking deca diboldazol can u give me any info on what else i should take with it to help gain weight and mass .im a beginnier and what to know what would be a good workout routine for me.please help me!